Catamaran rentals in Ibiza

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Catamaran rentals in Ibiza – Advantages of renting a catamaran in Ibiza.

In recent years modern methods of shipbuilding have given the catamarans a strength and resistance that makes them safe to withstand adverse conditions. The market for catamarans has been boosted by this factor, and today they are very popular in countries such as France and the United States. In Ibiza of course it is one of the most demanded type of boats for the charter. Rent a catamaran in Ibiza are all advantages.

1-The stability

聽The fact of having two support points (one for each skate) considerably reduces the lateral swings, the main cause of sea sickness among people not used to the sea. This quality makes them ideal to start in the charter activity.

2- Independent areas

Another remarkable advantage is the fact of having the different spaces of the boat quite independent (a common central area with kitchen – living room – dining room) and other two areas composed by the skates, each with its corresponding cabins and WCs. This provides the intimacy always of thanking especially when the catamaran rental in Ibiza is shared for two families.


Although they can not reach the high speeds of the speedboats, they can reach quite acceptable speeds with a very comfortable navigation, sailing or motor. In the case of sailboats, high speeds are often accompanied by large heels that can be uncomfortable (or a delight) for the novice.

4- Fuel consumption

The provision in two hulls decreases the resistance to the advance of the ship, which translates into very low fuel consumption.

But not everything is easy when you check for Catamaran rentals in Ibiza.

The fact of having a sleeve (width of the boat) of almost the double size as an equivalent in monohull sailboat. It causes that the places of mooring for this type of boat are expensive and limited.

It repercutes directly in the rental price. This added to the catamaran麓s high purchase price makes the available fleet limited.

Therefore it is highly recommended to book the catamaran rental in Ibiza well in advance (months) to ensure availability on the desired dates.

In addition, as in almost all things, the best boats are reserved right away. The more you wait the hardest is to find an available catamaran in perfect condition.

So do not hesitate and book your catamaran rental in Ibiza today!!!